The Mass-Initiation Of Humanity


“The Mass-Initiation Of Humanity” – A channeled message from the guides. Click to view.


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  1. Quoting from the 10/3/2017 channeled message: “Nevertheless it is our perspective that, because of their various electromagnetic and high frequency interactions, humanity will note an escalation of storms, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions across the world.”

    And today after the Alaska quake, our (possibly befuddled) scientists cannot understand this increased occurrence of earth events around the Ring of Fire. 😉

    “Alaska earthquake is ‘a wake up call’: Warning for ‘Big One to hit US west coast in March’” with video

    [Hoogerbeets’ website in Netherlands]

  2. Adam, great post. I recall an earlier blog post you had with a similar title, but this recent version fine tunes the dynamics quite precisely. I have been feeling in the last week more centeredness AND personal / planetary chaos at the same time. I’m not yet in your place of equanimity and flow, but your example of that path makes it all the more real and realizable.

    Need to go check my dream journal, but upon awakening in the morning a couple times in the past 2 weeks — it seemed like my brain was “on fire” with some kind of negativity storm or dreams of mega dystopia. I interpreted those as some kind of neuronal / energetic purges as I felt clearer and stronger chi flow once I got up.

    1. Thanks William! These accelerating times allow positively oriented individuals to get a big boost toward the centeredness and flow you mentioned. It definitely sounds like you’re well on your way. Intriguing dreams as well. They kind of remind me of some I had back in July and August; storms, destabilization, etc. Interesting times indeed!

      1. That’s a good question. I’m not sure, really. What I feel is specifically related to the energies of our house that are now very pressurized/dense. I’ve determined it to be an encroachment of my aura and it’s interpreted to me as a ‘fire’ feeling that goes throughout my whole body. It’s very uncomfortable and makes me want to leave the house at times, especially in the evenings/nights/early mornings. When we leave the house the feeling completely dissipates after a short time. This process is repeatable – very consistent to whatever’s happening in the house and my proximity to it.

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