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It has been a while since I’ve written a personal entry. It isn’t that things haven’t been happening, because they have been, it’s just that my desire to document them is very much lessened. This has been true ever since I reached a specific state of Being about two months ago.

I find myself contemplating only posting channeled messages now because that’s what seems most pertinent for others on the spiritual path to find. Yet those who have known me prior to two months ago first became attracted to my writings because of my spiritual journey and progress. I’m not sure how to proceed with these differing paths just yet. For now I figured I would describe what has been happening lately because it simply feels good to do so in this moment.

More life lessons, dreams, and realizations have occurred. A central theme revolves around what it means to be in a body but not identify as a body. My energetic understandings have increased as a result. Everywhere I look I see human interactions and manifestations as frequency exchanges, no matter what the conversations or events may be about on the surface/to the ego.

This morning as I lay half awake and half asleep I recall being guided about beginning to navigate to something called the “Sea Of Light”. My physical self has no idea what that means. I’ve never heard of it before this guidance, although a quick Google search yields a surprising amount of literature on the subject. Something I just found rings true: “…I was conscious of having returned from knowing myself to be an infinite sea of vibrant, liquid, living light. There was nothing but myself. I was the light of the universe and nothing, not one being, existed outside of me. No planet, no sun, no moon – only an infinite sea of light and I the light of the world. So I can say from experience: I am the light of the world!” [Source]

It is apparent my etheric self is busily moving forward with my evolutionary processes. Although at the physical self level there is a prevailing feeling of non-attachment to any outcome regarding pretty much anything. Even potentially experiencing this Sea Of Light phenomenon. Beyond a mild curiosity I’m completely neutral about it. If something happens, great! If nothing happens, that’s fine too!

I had a storm dream a few days ago and I did say I’d report on those. To briefly recap: storm dreams are my symbolism to tell myself when uncertain or hectic life circumstances are about to unfold in physical reality. I had several dreams back in July where a particularly savage storm was on the horizon. The dream a few days ago showed a large hurricane’s cloud curvature pretty much right above my doorstep. I was in a very secure bunker as the winds were picking up and Mariana was soon to arrive at the bunker with me.

I received guidance months ago over what this storm was about. Earth’s old energetic grids are going to be dismantled. This will create much uncertainty and potential disruptions to the collective consciousness of humanity, because there will be those who refuse to release their attachments. The feelings of non-attachment I and many others are feeling now were mentioned in those posts as well, so if/when unexpected or dramatic events occur we’ll be able to remain stable in our energy. I definitely see how non-attachment has progressed in my evolution recently. Have you observed this happening with you too?

As always, sending love and light your way.


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  1. Great update Adam! I am so thankful for this forum-such a fun space to express ourselves 🙂 . I too feel my (mainly social) anxiety drifting away Nina, and THANK GOD. It has had such a chokehold over my life and my expression that it is such a relief to feel it loosening. I was at a family dinner last weekend and I let myself be quiet for a change and not get sucked in or engage in conversations that were about things I don’t consider to be in my reality such as politics and some drama that was on the news. It felt like the dinner was broken up into segments where I could check back in with myself to stay balanced/neutral.

    I like what Theresa said about the invisibility cloak, I think I’ll have to try that next time I’m out! 😀

    ‘Allow’ I keep saying that over and over in my head after just watching your video Mariana and it feels so good and peaceful like waves washing over a beach at night when everything is silent.

    Love to all

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Congrats on your releasing of anxiety! ‘Allowing’ has been a big theme, especially with all the movement in peoples spaces lately, and lets even more of that anxiety release. 🙂

  2. Great update Adam! As per usual, I seem to be right there with you. I have also noticed myself in long periods of non-attachment. A lot of times it manifests as, I really just don’t care what most people talk about, such as who won what sports games or what happened last night on the latest TV show. Mostly I’ve just been tired, can never seem to get enough sleep but I think it’s because I’m super active while asleep! Btw, I randomly started affirming “I am the light of the world” a few weeks ago. It just came to me. I didn’t really understand it but it always puts me in a peaceful, no fear no doubt state of mind. Really helps when I’m dealing with the outside world. Most people respect me and respond kindly and peaceably when interacting with me. I think the more I manage my own space, the less I will notice disruptions outside of me. I can even cloak myself in an invisibility shield if I go out somewhere I dont want to attract unwanted energy, like at a grocery store. Love working with my auric field, and using different configurations based on what I want to experience. It’s pretty cool and I’m getting better at it. Much love to you all.

      1. Yes, has a nice ring to it! BTW Love your videos, Mariana!!! Especially the ‘Allow’ video, a great message for me as I sometimes get caught up in the HOW of creating, which can block the flow.
        Last night on the wonderful world of YouTube, I saw this and I immediately thought about you.

        1. Theresa, omg, wow, that has a LOT of feelings tied into it. Wow wow wow!

          Funny enough, I was thinking about taking body movement/dance lessons hahaha.

          Honestly, I love that content like that is being made, but I cannot watch the whole thing at once because it’s like TOO MUCH emotion. I literally felt my body tense and tears spring to my eyes less than a minute in.

          And I couldn’t help but think, “But we DO choose everything – we just don’t remember choosing, or why, orexactly how it would be experienced while here in 3D.”

          I really appreciate you taking the time to share this and thinking of me. I’ll try small doses here and there to get the overall message. It’s a very powerful video. Thank you again 🙂

          1. Absolutely!!! I immediately thought of you. And you know what’s funny? When I watched the video I too was shedding tears!!! WOW! Glad I could share this with you. ❤

    1. Thank you Theresa! How synchronous about being the light of the world. AND about being cloaked, I was just practicing that a few days ago in a crowd of people. I pictured being perfectly still in my energy, kind of like a still pond in early morning. As I focused on that, I found other people focusing on energies around them that *weren’t* still – making me pretty much invisible. How fun! 😀

  3. Hahaha Mariana – You better haul ass and get yourself into that bunker girl! I very much enjoyed you vid – you are so awesomely weird and wonderful and the music was just the perfect cherry on top! I am working on embracing my own weirdness and you just gave me a huge boost! Thanks sweetie.💕
    Great post and well done Adam! I am so dazed and out of it these days I hope I will be able to make it to the bunker as well – but if judged by my driving skills lately it is not looking good…😬 My brain is mush and half the time I forget where I am going. I know I am safe and that all is well at the same time. Other people in the car – not always so much.
    Memory is gone for the most part- and then I just remember things out of the blue at the exact moment I need to remember them.
    And the anxiety is finally releasing! Let me emphasize that properly – the fucking anxiety is finally releasing!!!!!!!!😀 I got to the point of not resisting the discomfort anymore.
    I became ok with the anxiety and relaxed into it. It is just an emotion and does not need to be avoided or resisted.
    And then it faded. Duh!
    Wow it took me long enough Adam!
    The past several months have been brutal in a most awesome and challenging way. And on the other side it seems so obvious and simple.😝
    Yeah I don’t feel much in regards to the storm anymore.
    I went through fear all the way to excitement about it (the whole spectrum of attachments) but now it just is. It will be fine. Whatever.
    For now all is well. And if things turn out to not be ok – that will be ok too.😊
    And cool multidimensional things are happening – now that I am finally OK with them not happening.
    Paradoxes are pivoting right and left!
    There is still the element of the rational brain having difficulties with some of the time/space weirdnesses happening but I think it is coming along the more I release the need to know. To just enjoy it for the experience that it is and not attach anything to it. I admit I still have the initial rather frantic confused reaction of needing to figure whatever happened out. And then I relax.
    Can’t wait to hear more about the Sea of Light! If you even care to talk about it when you get there.😀 Keep it awesome!❤️

    1. Haha Nina, by reading these messages and BEing the vibration that you are, I would wager a guess that you’re right near this bunker along with us! Your anxiety is releasing, the fear is gone, and cool multidimensional things are happening. Well done! 😀 Enjoy, in joy. Much love!

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