Memory Removal


My evolution continues! Last week I heard via guidance I’d intentionally start removing specific memories from my conscious awareness. They were created at very low points in my life and it no longer serves me to hold onto them. When they are revisited they have a potential to cause doubt or confusion; vibrations no longer necessary for my expansion.

I’m told this is not avoidance. What is being removed has to do with prior agreements that have completed themselves. My life has shifted considerably since then and the agreements I hold now are the ones I’m allowing myself to focus on more by engaging in this process. It’s meant to deepen the experience of ‘being’ in the here and now.

I’ve had two dreams that specifically relate to memory removal. It’s not really necessary to go into the symbolism, but each time I awoke with a Knowing of what was happening. Kind of exciting in a way, although admittedly at the physical self level I don’t feel too much of a difference. How can you know what you’ve removed, if it’s removed? All I really sense is that I am more engaged with my surroundings and events occurring around me.

In other news, information is being received and assimilated in a near constant state of flow these days. I know this has to do with the agreement to channel it. I’m excited about that but I also want to do a personal blog here and a channeled post there to space things out. That way it’s not just one type of post or the other. All in good time, of course. In the meantime I hope everyone else is doing well!


2 thoughts on “Memory Removal

  1. doing splendid! I feel the flow of energy to and through me more pronounced and easier to be aware of. Focusing on joy is quite the catalyst for positive manifestation! it’s all already become fully manifested and realized at the higher template level, our joy experienced during the now sends a beacon signal of electromagnetheric energy which attracts these higher template level manifestations. Coming from a level where the higher self perceives things, these manifestations that are attracted by a joyous awareness are in complete alignment with your utmost of desires. some have coined in heaven on earth, I like the flow of synchronicity that is experienced with the timing of day to day happenings. someone saying something you just thought, a song you hear somewhere that seems to speak right to you with an answer to a question, being in nature and feeling the earth speaking. Looking forward to your next post Adam! thanks!

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