Decoding Dreams


It amazes me how consistent my dream messages are to myself. Whether its the symbolism of storms, mountains, or anything else, I find that I am given exactly what I need to know in dream format for my various physical incarnation experiences. Often I receive information about what’s currently happening in my life along with what will eventually happen as well. I wanted to take the time to document two dreams in particular that show this relationship.

April 2016 – I was in a field and there were others playing American football. Someone tossed the ball to me. I caught it and looked at it. It had a Skype logo on its side. I ended up tossing this Skype football around with others in the field for a while. Then a red quad [A.T.V.] appeared at the other end of the field. I went to it and rode it around. Then I woke up.

That first dream of playing with the football showed me, somewhat obviously, how I was going to exchange energy with others and apparently Skype had something to do with it. Keep in mind this dream occurred before I actually decided in physical reality to quit my previous job and set myself up as a public channel ‘full-time’ on Skype last year. The dream was telling me this was to occur. Of course that would be neat just on its own. But there was the added bit with the quad… At the time I interpreted its appearance and my driving of it as a way to understand some other transition that would happen after this Skype business was concluded. I just didn’t know what that really meant. Which leads me to a dream I had last night.

December 2017I was driving a red quad on the beach, and then decided to load up the quad onto a trailer that was being towed by my truck. The dream shifted and I was driving the truck. Mariana was in the passenger seat. We were going along a curvy road at night. We drove for a while and then pulled over. We stopped at some sort of campsite and I had to use the restroom. I found the small restroom building at the campsite and I knew that particular bathroom allowed people to change their clothing colors. Then I awoke.

This second dream is related to the first when it comes to the quad. Their symbolism is consistent even though these dreams happened over a year apart from each other. Not only am I driving this dream quad around after I stopped public channeling Skype appointments, but I’m now driving it on a beach which is indicative of yet another transition. [Beach symbolism; water to land, boundary, threshold.] I was with Mariana in this dream which is important. Towing the quad with a truck along a curvy road also has a special significance and I’ll get to that too. Using the bathroom at the campsite is simultaneously a release and a shift. [Bathroom symbolism; release, becoming lighter. Changing clothes symbolism; shifting vibration, changing oneself.]

How Mariana fits into this is rather incredible. This was a shared dream. Mariana and I both woke up at the same time last night describing the same events. She also was riding in a vehicle along a long curvy road. She also stopped at a “shelter of some kind and it felt like people could relax there”, or what I represented as a campsite, and she indicated she could change her clothes there too.

This is not the first shared dream experience Mariana and I have had together either. We’ve had a handful of them. Each time we’ll wake up at virtually the same time describing the same events while we lay in bed together. It just goes to show we are both choosing to evolve together as life partners. Other aspects of our multidimensional consciousness are involved. Also, the bit about why towing the quad is significant is because of something that I was guided about a month prior to the latest dream. I’ll copy/paste what I was guided:

Guides: We will now discuss what was referenced as the “Sea Of Light”. Your etheric self now journeys to that location with your physical beings consciousness in tow. This could only be achieved once your physical self incorporated Soul Consciousness enough for you to recognize your Being. Now that you are operating as your ‘Self’, rather than ‘self’, your next step in the journey is to begin existing in the universal fields of All-That-Is. Also called, by you at the etheric level, the Sea Of Light. As those fields are anchored into your Being you’ll begin to achieve a state known as Christ Consciousness at the physical self level.

At the time of the first dream in early 2016 I was barely delving into channeling and was still heavily mired in thinking, believing, and expecting outside of myself. I didn’t know then what I know now: the quad symbolism represents transformation into Self at the physical level. The fact that I was given the quad symbolism back then astounds me considering how I’ve shifted. I realize now that it was all related. The events of last year were all leading to the transformation into Being that occurred for me later on this year!

As for what I was most recently guided about, regarding the Sea Of Light or Christ Consciousness, there is no emotional pull from within me as I’m given those terms at this time. This is simply because I have no reference point to understand them. Still, while I’m neutral, I’m not oblivious. It’s very clear to me that my evolution in consciousness is plowing forward and I’m currently in transition toward yet another level of Being. Any which way, it is my desire to share these experiences so that others will become inspired to decode their own dreams. As you do, you’ll see how they indeed relate to your physical reality experiences as well.


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