Autumn Arrives


I’m still having memory removal dreams – one just last night – and there have been certain house developments, but overall not too much has changed over the last couple weeks. At least not enough to warrant posting newer entries anyway. The apparent lull of activity in my spiritual life seems appropriate for the beginning part of autumn season. Days pass by one after another, similar to how leaves are now falling off the trees one at a time. Yet even as I speak of nothing changing there is an underlying feeling of immense shifts taking place just beyond my scope of awareness.

I intend to channel several more articles in the coming weeks when motivation and time allow, although right now admittedly my focus is elsewhere. I’m informed via guidance it’s alright not to be so interested in spiritual matters¬†all the time. It goes to show that evolution takes place regardless if our mind is focused on it or not. That’s freeing in its own right, I’d say!

For now I find working on little projects at home makes the experience of existing in its current energy state more palatable. Recently I’ve been developing our house to be futuristically automated and I’m doing it in a completely unique way. That uniqueness presents certain challenges which excite me. They allow for an expression of my creativity to shine through. I never really considered myself to be much of an artsy person, but I can see a design aspect being honed from within me as I develop these things.

Other than that, frequently connecting with nature and the Earth has been helping me immensely in staying in my natural state of being. Our connection to nature is something we as humans often dismiss, but it definitely has mental health benefits. The leaves in my location are turning various colors which makes things outside feel festive all around. It’s not too cold yet so Mariana and I sometimes take long walks around to take in that pleasantness. I hope everyone else is managing to stay afloat and focused on the positives these days as well! That’s about it from me. Much love and light to all!


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