Latest Personal Entry:


Something new is being created from within me. My guides reference it as a ‘new timeline’ that I’ve chosen from the etheric level.

By August 2018 the new timeline will be in effect in the physical. I’ll be engaging groups of people regarding their life paths and spiritual evolution out of the lower vibrations of fear, judgment, and doubt. My personal experiences over the last three years will serve as a baseline for others to relate. Beyond that, repeated appointments will contain channeled information from Yeshua that I’ll be able to deliver in a highly personal way. I’m told this will be like starting a completely new life.

All people, places, and things resonant to the current timeline are in the process of removing themselves from my reality. I was told it will be completely dissolved around February 2019, so there will be some overlap occurring. Between now and then this shifting between timelines will translate as manifested events, both for me and for those who choose to co-create with me. Anyone choosing to resonate in the old timeline, through attachment or fear-based energies, will fall out of my awareness. This will happen either by personal choice or by circumstance as the new timeline continues gathering momentum in the physical.

Right now I’m experiencing a significant destabilization in my aura, which has to do with removing the magnetics of my prior agreements. That action will be the eventual cause of the externals shifting. I also note I’m aware my distractions [which, for me, have to do with spending a lot of time on or around technology] are being over-written into nothingness. What’s left is a kind of an inner contentment by not engaging in distraction. This leads me to spend more time interacting with others, which is a big part of the new.

I choose not to place too many ego ideas on how all of this will come about. Instead I’ll let it play out however it does. These days I enjoy keeping personal expectations to a minimum anyway. Kind of like waiting until Christmas to unwrap presents – no need to spoil the mystery prematurely! It should be interesting to see how everything goes.

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