About The Channel

Adam’s spiritual journey started in his late 20’s. His computer science background yielded an inquisitive, troubleshooting mindset to determining life’s existential questions. As a self-proclaimed agnostic with no prior religious background he decided to begin where scientific understandings tapered off: exploring the underlying mechanisms of consciousness.

His approach was formed from a holistic stance rather than just a biological one. In order to establish any knowledge of what lies beyond the 5 senses, he decided to learn and initiate out of body experiences. Through them he found there was undeniably much more to one’s being than merely existing as a physical body in a physical world.

This understanding lead to many more questions and caused an inward journey of awakening that changed everything about how Adam saw the world. Over the next several years his path shifted into exploring many different kinds of ideas and consciousness states – always with an underlying passion to learn. Profound openings occurred, along with Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Rising events, that furthered his awareness to different levels of thought and states of being.

Through out of body experiences, dream-states, synchronistic physical reality experiences, and spontaneous thoughts, Adam sensed non-physical beings consistently assisting him in his endeavors. Over time he developed a conscious understanding of how to communicate and work with them. He found these beings could provide valuable perspectives about personal processes as well as information into current collective physical reality manifestations.

Gradually interactions with guides became part of Adam’s everyday reality. He sensed them as an extension of himself. They allowed for further expansion in consciousness as well as the ability to relay information for others in their own journeys. Now Adam continues to share the understandings he receives. Guided messages he delivers resonate as concise, direct, and illuminating. They aim to provide a helping hand for anyone else choosing to delve into their own eternal nature.