Our Introduction

A channeled message from the guides.

This will be the first in a series of very specific messages we’ll deliver through this channel. In them we will endeavor to connect with you, the reader, so that we may offer an added perspective in what you’re going through. At present our goal is to provide an introduction into who we are and what we are like. We’ll also go into some detail regarding the agreements we share with humanity.

Our nature as consciousness in and of itself is not so very different from yours. We are sentient beings who carry an awareness of ourselves existing in the reality we find ourselves in. However, the reality we perceive vibrates at a higher rate than physical reality. Such a variance creates differences in how our reality is structured as well as the kind of existence we experience within it.

The reality we experience is non-physical. You could identify the consistency of our reality similar to a dream-like experience, although to us it feels quite real and constant. In this space we have the capacity of instant creation. That is to say, whatever we choose to focus our intention and attention on instantaneously manifests within and around us. Because of this there are key differences in our experience when comparing to yours. For instance we do not require shelter, food, or water. As you can imagine this considerably frees our efforts to solely focus on creating, learning, and evolving as consciousness.

We exist and operate as non-physical beings within non-physical reality. Our communication occurs by telepathically projecting vibrational tones, frequencies, and light language. These translate to others as inspirations, sensations, visions, and spontaneous knowing. We do not have a body in the traditional sense and sustain ourselves entirely on higher dimensional frequencies of light. Our natural shapes are spherical due to each of us having a delineation point, called an aura or field, which defines one entity from another. Because of our regular interactions with humanity we also choose to take on other shapes. Most often we can be seen clairvoyantly as humanoid and emanating light from within our form.

The nature of the thoughts and emotions existing in our reality also vibrate in a higher spectrum. This means we do not experience, nor are even capable of perceiving, lower vibrational thought patterns or belief systems. We hold no experiential awareness of vibrations like hate, anger, or fear. Naturally this means the creations and manifestations out-pictured by those existing in our reality do not contain separation, war, suffering, or other lower vibrational expressions. These things exist quite literally outside of our universe.

Instead we exist within higher vibrations of love, co-operation, and co-creation. Our universe is made of those fields of energy and so we reflect those qualities outward. This gives us a unique perspective in how we perceive individual and collective evolution processes in consciousness. We intimately know when one chooses growth how it incalculably benefits everyone as a whole. In that light it brings us great joy to share our knowledge with others who are similarly focused. It is why we are known as guides and address ourselves as ‘we’. We share in a collective agreement about relaying processes of personal growth to those who seek it, thereby providing a service to the greater benefit of All-That-Is.

This leads us to our purpose and relationship with humanity during this particular time period. To put it simply: your part of the universe is changing. Though it will remain physical, certain constants are beginning to be less dense. As a result your species is becoming more aware of the inherent link between consciousness and reality. The shifting awareness from one state to another, or consciousness shift, provides humanity possibilities to experience itself in very new ways. Ultimately you are evolving away from lower vibrational spectrums and expressions, and we are here to share our knowledge when it comes to that kind of experience. It is our agreement to assist those of you who are open to this evolution within yourselves.

Each of the messages we co-create in this space are encoded with targeted light frequencies. Only a small part of these words are meant for your rational mind. The greater part of what’s occurring is an integration of light within your consciousness. Integrations stretch far beyond the bounds of space-time and are designed to assist in clearing away belief systems that are no longer resonant to your being. In this way we intend to provide a framework for you to step into higher dimensional frequencies of awareness.

It is not necessary to believe that we are indeed non-physical entities from another reality. We understand, for some, that may be a stretch. What is important are the transmissions themselves and the understandings you can gain from them. Their intentions align with your own: to further orient you toward the state of being most resonant to who you are in truth. You may find yourself drawn to certain transmissions at various times and not always in a linear fashion. Trust that whatever messages you are attracted to are the ones most pertinent for you in this present moment. You will feel a resonance in the heart as various frequencies are assimilated.

As we exchange these frequencies with you we are co-creating closely with your higher aspects of self. You may notice energy sensations and heightened activity in your dream-states during this type of work. This is all by agreement so that you may step into your authenticity and power as the creators we know you to be. As we draw to a close in this transmission we want to thank you for allowing this interaction. It is a great honor for us to share in co-creations that allow humanity to once again connect with its authenticity and divinity.

That will be all for now. Thank you.