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54 thoughts on “Share your thoughts here!

  1. Loved your Inner Voice piece, Adam. Timely for me, I can assure you. Choice, and chewy, and delish. Will go back for seconds, again and again… slurp slurp! xo

  2. Adam, I appreciate your recent ‘releases’ piece. Am left feeling I’m right on track. And though I knew that, it’s often soothing to get some ‘outside’ confirmation. May you and Mariana be happy and gay, for blessed you are. xo

    1. Fantastic! I find the “best” guidance from outside sources are things that can be felt to some degree in the heart, and then are presented in a way that makes it clearer for the mind. Definitely soothes any worries. Much love!!

      1. Happy for you! 😀 Watched your newest video-Alaska sounds exciting! Having a family agreement like that come to a close is a big deal; family is definitely the toughest in regards to expectation and pull. I am hoping to move in a couple months to someplace warm, although a place hasn’t really stuck out to me yet…all I know is I want it to be a warm state. All in good time. <3

        1. Suzanne! Here’s my response/how I know this/how I see “flow”:

          Please let me know how your experience is!!! You can PM me if you’d like, I think YouTube can do that??? Also Adam has my contact info (lol), so maybe I’ll ask him to pass it along via a private channel to you?

  3. Adam, thank you so much for your channelled message today re managing your vibration. It is critical for me to master this, and your words have given me very clear guidance. I choose to assume responsibility for my own vibration… and I know I have said words like that before, but without really understanding how to do that. Thank you! xo

    1. You’re very welcome, Margarita! 😀 We hear certain phrases over and over on this path. Things like ‘manage your vibration’ become easy things to say without really examining further what that actually means or how it works. I’m glad the message assisted in bringing clarity to the idea!

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