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82 thoughts on “Share your thoughts here!

  1. Hello lovelies,

    It’s been a while and I’m just reminding us all and everyone/anyone who stumbles onto here that we’re all loved, all the time, constantly, forever, unless we choose otherwise, and in that case we won’t feel it, but indeed we are loved hahaha.

    I’ve had massive releases in the last couple of days, very close to each other, and I feel a great many things are Happening although my most overwhelming feeling is of Being. It’s a very intense switch and the ego definitely has released, and is releasing, a lot of of “control” over the externals such as homelessness/homes/protection/shelter, job/livelihood/income, and money.

    It’s okay. I can’t explain the most of it, but it’s okay, and that itself, is okay. lolol

    I’m learning, and I hope you are, too, in your own ways, our own ways, together, separately, uniquely, in our own time, however we sit fit on all the levels of everything hahahahaha.

    I love you <3

  2. Adam, here’s a question on dream-healing energetics.

    I’ve been doing a type of neurofeedback that seems to provoke strong ‘cleansing’ or detox dreams. A couple nights recently after these sessions, I awoke in the middle of the night with a lot of energetic charge / chi flow. But the dream material was basically nightmarish. Do you know the definition of ‘dystopia’? It’s the complete opposite of utopia. A dismal future scenario where all our tech goes berserk and dark.

    Both of these dreams had that quality, SO strongly. Like they were visions of a parallel reality where our heads get disconnected from our hearts and we make a lot of bad choices. And the tech races out of control in a kind of “winner take all” mentality. In these dreams, it was as if there was “no way out” and our Western culture was just doomed to let fear and power driven tech run rampant. In both cases I had to force myself to wakeup to abort the ‘mechanicalness’ and cyclone nature of the momentum.

    I’m hoping that these glimpses of an almost plausible tech dystopia are kind of warnings to get us (and me personally) to take more actions in the directions I want to see. Rather than assuming the all powerful tech gods will dictate our future, by nature of their billions and billions of dollars momentum.



    1. This is fascinating and it matches what I’ve been guided about the topic. Artificial intelligence [and technology acceleration in general] can be viewed in both a lower state or a higher one. Both are completely valid. Depending on where the consensus views it from there can be very different experiential realities that result. There’s a reality where technology becomes destructive to our being and there’s another reality where technology enhances our states of being in ways we can’t imagine yet. These are reflections of the mass-cultural belief systems. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Unsure if this is spam or not. My site sometimes gets fake comments. If this is a legitimate comment, you can find my email on the side of the ‘About’ page. Feel free to contact me there if you wish to talk privately. 🙂

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