Hey there! You’ve probably gathered my name’s Adam. I’m married and live outside the Washington D.C. area. This site is about consciousness exploration and self-discovery which I try to approach from a rational perspective. Here are some details about how this previous atheist and tech guru became interested in spiritual matters…

As a child I took to technology and developed an affinity for process-oriented thinking. This transferred into adulthood and lead me to pursue both college and a career in the Computer Science field. While graduating and obtaining corporate work allowed me to excel outwardly by my mid-twenties, something still seemed off in my life.



Up until this point I thought spiritual concepts were superstitious and implausible. Still, my inherent curiosity allowed me to delve into many kinds of things anyway. This continued as I began getting curious about consciousness itself. I found it fascinating that science could not explain or quantify what it was.

At the age of 29 I began investigating if consciousness could indeed exist beyond the brain via the mechanisms of OBEs. Through my own attempts at initiating them I found that I could actually exit my physical body and still cognitively function in an energetic environment. Through many attempts I learned how to navigate this non-physical reality and started to form an understanding about how it related to physical reality.

By having these powerful experiences I received an undeniable answer to the mystery of consciousness: we are, in fact, multidimensional. Consciousness is the vehicle that transfers between realities – both physical and non-physical. Afterward my dreams profoundly shifted and I began receiving pertinent messages/lessons through them. It became apparent there were various entities assisting me in yet other non-physical realities that were translated as dreams. Over time I understood these beings to be guides. Gradually they showed me my origins and purpose.



Over the next several years I also began experiencing a strange energy which coursed through my body at night. I could feel it particularly around my spinal column and this would wake me up often. Many times I’d uncomfortably roll around, do back stretches, or even get out of bed completely to alleviate these sensations.

Through research I found reference to Kundalini. Eventually it culminated into several remarkable energetic events: Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Rising. Combining these with continual OBEs and dream lesson experiences created a holistic and dynamic understanding about my ongoing spiritual awakening process.



I’ve realized my multidimensional nature and experienced profound Kundalini events. These things have unequivocally widened my view of who we are as consciousness. There is no way I can go back to thinking physical reality is all there is. To do so would mean being in complete denial about everything I’ve gone through over the last few years! However, this leads to an interesting conundrum. I am still attempting to navigate how to incorporate these things in my daily life here on Earth. This leads us to now, where I’m continuing to share my experiences moving forward. Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I wish you well on your own journeys to self-discovery!

In love and light,