Hello! I’m Adam. Welcome to multidimensional.me. I’ve been delving into consciousness exploration for several years and through that exploration I’ve come to understand more about our true nature as consciousness. It is here that I intend to keep a record of my thoughts as I continue along this path of self-discovery.

I’ll likely maintain this blog for years to come. Perhaps, in time, I can develop an extensive library for others who may also be traveling a similar path. Feel free to browse through my writings. May they illuminate and inspire you to discover more of who you really are.



Dream: I was sitting in a round room with others. A presentation was occurring and I was sitting next to the presenter. He asked everyone to pass in their homework. The group began passing their papers forward. I realized I hadn’t done this homework yet so I grabbed one of the completed assignments and began to copy it on another paper. I drew a spiral starting from the center of the page going outward. I passed my forged homework to the presenter being, who saw what I tried to do and refused it. Then I understood: this spiral wasn’t just writing on a piece of paper – it meant something else. These beings had completed theirs and I hadn’t completed mine yet. Then I awoke. I think the spiral is a direct symbolism for evolution. I observed others had evolved in this way and I am going through my own process.